More About Me

You Deserve A Great Experience!

I was born and raised in the Central Valley of California and grew up on 18 acres of Almonds where I worked for most of my childhood and learned very early on that if you have the tenacity to outwork your competition you will always find success! 

As a young adult , education and a larger job market/opportunities took me to the East Bay in 2010 where I have been a resident ever since! I have worked extensively as a Contract Administrator/Contract Manager and have my college eduction in legal studies. Utilizing my foundation of education and work experience I decided to transition in order to serve Contra Costa County and the surrounding counties as a Realtor! 

I understand that buying and/or selling your home is a big decision and will (most likely) be the largest purchase or sale in most individuals lifetime! With that being said it is important to decide on a Realtor who has your best interests in mind both financially and also personally. As your Realtor I would be committed to you, the buyer/seller, working hard to obtain the results you are expecting within the current real estate market. I also recognize that it takes a great deal of trust and that the relationship between you and I must "work" which is why I will always put in my best effort to be transparent, communicative, professional and work diligently for you - in order to gain your trust, understanding your likes, dislikes, wants and needs and then prioritizing them to achieve the results you want and perhaps even checking some boxes you didnt know you wanted/needed in order to be the Realtor you recommend to your friends and colleagues!